Pathaan Movie Best Review (953 Crores)

Pathaan story:  Expanding Yrf’s spy universe (previously led by Salman Khan’s Tiger & Hrithik Roshan’s Kabir), the film is an origin story of an ex-army man turned undercover agent Pathaan (Shah Rukh Khan) and his arch nemesis, Jim (John Abraham).

The new blockbuster pathaan has captured the hearts of many fans. It is destined to be Shah Rukh Khan’s big return in Bollywood industry .

Stylish, slick and action-packed film; in one work it’s a ‘Blockbuster’. Film has actions, thrills, bit of suspense and gripping storyline. SRK is back with a bang and has made his fans delighted, a long wait proven worthy. John Abraham looks solid in his negative role and DeepikaP looks stunning, and she has also done some actions in the film along with flourishing her beauty.

All the fight sequences and chases are indeed marvelously picturized plus they are very captivating. Full marks to the VFX and CGI as well with that. It’s a spy thriller which expands YRF’s spy universe and offers much more than what we have seen in the trailer. Actions are of next level and meets to the Hollywood standards certainly.

Film also has Dimple Kapadia and Ashutosh Rana in significant roles. It’s a family film and has nothing controversial too; instead, this film would ignite the flame of patriotism in audience’s hearts. Not just because of SRK the film is huge; it’s actually a complete showbiz package with wonderful performances from lead trio.

Story is very exciting and riveting where in Jim (JohnA) leads Outfit X; a private terrorist group decides to hit vengeance against India. They malevolently plan to attack the president of India at a scientific conference in Dubai. However, Pathaan, a courageous RAW agent, tries to stop Jim’s plans and stands tall against them.

From here the chase of cat and mouse starts, they travel different countries, and their rivalry remains continue. There are chase sequences of Bikes, Trains, Planes, Helicopters, Ice Skating, Trucks, Cars and of what NOT! But believe me all of them are really enjoyable, fascinating and captivating.

Film is a wholesome entertainer because it has action, patriotism, soft wit, remarkable cameo of Salman Khan and above all the star power of Shahrukh Khan. Story by Siddharth Anand is powerful and his direction is also power-packed here like his previous few films. Characters are nicely written with apt dialogues. Only 2 songs in the film but BGM is commanding.

Should you go and watch it?

Depends on your taste & expectations completely. If you liked War and Tiger movies, or if you’re going with normal expectations just to have wholesome entertainment in the theatre, then this movie is a treat for you to watch.

But, if you’re more into mind-blowing storylines or very logical critic or expecting Hollywood level visual effects or going with huge expectations just for the hype, then this movie will disappoint you.
It’s a typical Bollywood masala spy action movie having cheesy/stylish dialogues and superb background music, with patriotic theme and threat to India storyline.

Strong points –

  1. Tight Storyline & Screenplay – You won’t get bored for a second. No useless scenes are there in the movie and there’ll be turns and wow moments to keep your interest till the end. Story is simple yet not predictable totally. You might take a shot of what’s gonna happen but how things unfold is a delight to see.
  2. Cast performance – Literally every character has something to do and the cast is nearly perfect. SRK is charismatic as a spy and carries the film nicely. Deepika isn’t just a eye candy and has a lot to do with the storyline. But, special mention to John Abraham and Dimple Kapadia. John is fantastic as an antagonist and overpowers SRK in most of the movie. And Dimple Kapadia performance is just heart warming.
  3. Background score – Truly incredible. Reminded of KGF style. Every scene has excellent music complementing the scene.
  4. Action – This can be weak point as well, but Hand Combat scenes are outstanding. The camera movement does a splendid job in hand combat fight scenes. One of the best I’ve seen in Bollywood.
  5. Cameo – you already know this 😀

Weak Points –

  1. Pathaan VFX – It’s not that noticeable if you are engaged in the movie vibes, but there was indeed scope for much better vfx. Probably, Red Chillies would’ve done it better. But, it’s just okay not that bad or cringy either.

Overall, it’s a good movie with crisp and entertaining screenplay which will keep you hooked for 2 hours. It’s not bad that’s gonna give you headache(unless the trailer or Tiger movies isn’t as per your taste), but it’s not some cinematic masterpiece either that you have ever seen.
If you watch Bollywood movies just like Bollywood movies, then you’ll enjoy this movie for sure.

Where to watch ?

Paathan move is out right now in theatres . Also, Pathaan OTT release date is mentioned below .The Bollywood film will be released on Amazon Prime Video. The film will start streaming on the OTT platform from April 25, three months after its theatrical release.

In First day, Pathaan grossed Rs 100 Crore in India. In twenty days time it earned Rs 953 cr. In other words, the movie has earned Rs 953 crores in twenty days.

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