Top 10 games

These are the Top pick 2022 games to play by every gamer.

1.Elden Ring


One of the legendary games from From Software. The souls games have been favored by my many in the gaming community. The open world and build of this game has inspired many streamers and gamers to have different types of playstyle . It is available for ps4 and ps5 at a price of 60 dollars. The open world and multiplayer gameplay made it exceptionally good. The dark, gore style of souls games and the story is amazing .

The game has one of the most enormous and intricately detailed worlds I have ever seen in gaming. The castles, cities, and fortresses that you must traverse in this game are truly awe inspiring. They are all massive, unique and filled with a plethora of secret areas just waiting to be uncovered. The landscapes of the world are also astonishing.

The sheer variety and scale of the environments is a sight to behold. Players can expect to explore vast mountains, forests, fields, deep caves, ancient ruins, and even secret underground civilizations. It is clear that a great amount of work went into the design of all of these areas, as they are all exceptionally detailed and have complex lore, realism, and beauty to them that makes them a joy to explore.

It is available for pc, ps4, ps5, xbox one, xbox series x.

2.GOW Ragnarök

GOW Ragnarök is truly a masterpiece. The game’s story, character development, graphics, combat, open world, I could go on and on, are mind-blowing. Everything is absolutely amazing. I’ve never felt more emotionally moved, nor found myself standing at the same spot just admiring the graphics of this game. The environments and attention to detail blew me away.

The difficulty for certain bosses was insane but extremely rewarding in learning how to counter them. Kratos’ character development and Atreus’ coming of age story were great parallels to watch unfold. The score was packed with heart and meaning. I still find myself listening to the soundtrack, especially the God of War PS5 menu track. This was the best possible sequel to the 2018 game we could have ever received.

It is available for ps4 and ps5.

3.Horizon Forbidden West

Guerrilla games gave us a very satisfying sequel to a great game!The voice acting is killer, and the characters themselves are really compelling and understandable. The skill tree having different types of play style was nice, and the weapon stamina stuff was really cool. Melee combat felt really good, but the bows are still better.

From a technical standpoint and gameplay standpoint, everything is better than in the first one. The most impressive upgrade is graphics and character animations while talking to them. Alloy and NPCs could be wooden in the first, here they are lively, detailed and expressive. Major NPCs have way more depths than the first one and you interact with them way more.

It is available for ps4 and ps5.


The combat is so satisfying, yet challenging. It recently clicked for me that you don’t have to avoid everything or parry everything. It’s better to mix the two, depending on your own structure bar. Parry the normal attacks to increase enemy structure bar, block if caught off guard, and avoid the firey attacks.

I also like how death is handled. It’s not a huge punishment and I think it can make for some interesting runs for replay, since getting older makes you stronger but gives you less health. Beautiful visuals and art style, combined with great music and sound effects.

SIFU feels extremely good if you want to fight in a realistic combat style.

It is available for pc, ps4, ps5, xbox one, xbox series x and nintendo switch.

5.Neon white

Neon White is a stylish, unique title that’s sure to see a dedicated community of speed runners and action game fans alike flock to it.Neon White is everything you want from a speedrunning game: fast, super precise, well structured and built around short and various levels.

The game is completed with a unique artistic style, a valuable writing and a clearly original and strange game design that mixes together visual novel, dating sim, first person shooter and platformer. Some very small technical uncertainty in the repetition of the attempts does not affect the overall quality.

The concept is to beat the levels as fast as possible with the overpowered characters.

It is available for pc, ps4, ps5 and Nintendo switch.

6.Ghostwire Tokyo

This game is entertaining and intriguing. Good story with a great amount of interesting side quests. In a twisted supernatural way the developers have really captured the look, sounds and atmosphere of an abandoned Shibuya in Tokyo. With a fresh take on an open world city fighting your way against creepy supernatural ghouls on main streets, roof tops, inside buildings to side alleys basking in the neon lights. The game makes you feel like you are the last person alive.

It is available for ps5 and pc.


The whole concept is very unique and special, and although it seems vague from its marketing, it really provides a superb storyline with character growth and socializing to proceed forward a rewarding experience.

There are little kitty nap spots throughout the game, lots of carpets to scratch, tons of things to knock off of shelves, reasons for mischievous behavior and even a button to meow whenever you please. This game truly captures practically every favourite trait of the cats we all know and love in our lives.

It is available for ps4, ps5 and pc.


Awesome game which perfectly captures a blend between Legend of Zelda exploration and discovery as well as Souls-like combat and has a high level of polish. It has great art, and an awesome soundtrack. .

The bosses are fun, the items you get are fun. All the enemy designs were unique. The best way to describe this game is that everything felt new and different. This game’s puzzles are some of the best that came out in recent years.

It is available in most platforms.


This game is unabashedly original and just plain cool. For those not in the know, it’s somewhat of a puzzle or adventure game revolving around trying to piece together the disappearance of an actress whose movies were never released for one reason or another. You do this by going through clips of these movies – both the movies themselves and the production of them – and building connections between characters and objects to try and figure out the story.

It is available for android, ios , pc, mac and xbox series x.

10.Pokemon Legends: Arceus

The story was quite exhilarating, especially the final arc. The game mechanics are a refreshing change to the usual mechanics in other games. The characters are also enjoyable.

Catching Pokemon now is way more exciting. With different ways to “Complete” a pokedex entry, you can battle, observe, or just catch multiple copies of pokemon to complete one entry.

It is available on Nintendo switch.

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